I regularly arrange, lecture and moderate my own and others’ conferences, workshops and meetups. Mostly on topics as new tech (IoT, artificial intelligence), digitalization,  innovation or digital marketing. A small selection:

  • Swedish Mobile Awards and Connected Business Days 2017
  • Science and Innovation Day 2017 with Hélène Barnekow, CEO Telia and Dr. Kate Stone at the Cambridge University
  • Multikanalstrategi-dagen – digitization and its impact on marketing
  • Internetdagarna 2015 and 2016 – about gender equality as a growth factor in tech and media companies
  • Marknadsstrategidagen Executive – for marketing executives and CEOs, with Hello Ziggy, the Children’s Cancer Fund, Taxi Stockholm and Scandia
  • DAbase – about video marketing in the sharing economy with Dagensanalys.se
  • Genius meetup – om snedfördelat riskkapital

Har du frågor om mig som föreläsare, moderator eller workshopledare hör av dig till mig på annika.englund@konversera.se. Jag finns också på LinkedIn och Twitter.